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Editorial Reviews. Review. "Once again, Perez offers up a clever mix of reality— senioritis, high-school graduation events, part-time jobs, and young love—and.
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Javi and his group manage to flee the ruined town in a set of cars, as the rest of the residents get killed or captured by the New Frontiers. Stopping at the road to regroup, the group deal with their current situation. After defusing a tense moment with Conrad who blames Javi for Francine's death, Clementine suggests that they should head to the community in Richmond to look for shelter and medical aid for a still-ailing Kate. With a destination in mind, the group quickly move on. In the night, as Eleanor drives the car, Javi talks to Kate about her current situation and later Gabe.

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  6. She ponders about Gabe's future and whether he might turn into David or Javi. She asks Javi to take care of him when she is gone, to which Javi can promise her that he will Determinant. If Javi took a water bottle while in Prescott after talking with Eleanor, he can give it to Kate. The next morning, the group arrive at an abandoned gas station. Tripp signals them to stop due to their path being blocked by cars. After assessing the area, Javi finds an abandoned jeep with a winch in a garage.

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    Using a jumper cable he finds in an abandoned car, he powers the jeep by connecting it to Tripp's car. As the blocked cars get pulled out of the way, the noise attracted the attention of a large group of walkers. After clearing a road for Eleanor, Javi orders her to quickly take Kate to Richmond. Before the remaining survivors can escape in Tripp's car, the winch pulls another vehicle into it. Javi quickly orders his friends to head toward the roofs of the gas station to escape the walkers, and nearly gets bitten before Conrad pulls him out of harm's way.

    On top of the roof, the group begin arguing about their current situation. Their argument stopped when both Javi and Tripp realize that someone was watching them from roof of another building. The group immediately take cover.

    Dead Is Not An Option

    Javi sneaks out to find the stranger. When he reaches the other building by using the bridge, Javi apparently discovers him looking at his group through the hole of a billboard. Regardless of whether he makes himself known to the mysterious watcher or shoots him, Javi discovers that the figure was a decoy. Upon hearing a safety click off, Javi drops his gun and raises his hands at the order of the watcher standing behind him. The two briefly ask each other about their motives and whether or not there would be trouble between them.

    Javi can choose to threaten him or try to reassure him that he would suffer no harm in regards to Javi's group after he is asked about whether or not they would shoot at him. The group come to Javi's aid and surround the stranger.

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    He surrenders and the group began questioning if he is with the New Frontier, even searching him for the distinctive brand Determinant. The man denies that he is part of the group. He reveals that he was heading to Richmond when he heard that the New Frontier took over. Realizing that Kate and Eleanor are heading into danger, the group need to catch up with their friends.

    The man offers to join them and lead them to Richmond through a train tunnel. Javi can either decide to tie the man or trust him Determinant. Before heading out, the man introduces himself as Paul, but that his friends call him Jesus. After having walked through the tunnel for a time, Clementine asks Javi for his attention.

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    She explains that she hasn't told the whole truth about her encounters with the New Frontier. She revealed that she wasn't their prisoner, but was a member of the group. She showed her brand as proof, much to Javi's shock. She explains that if the group is in control of Richmond, she can't be seen by them and thus she has to leave once they are in safety. Catching up to the group, they reached the train path heading toward Richmond. This section of the tunnel turns out to be filled with walkers.

    After Conrad impulsively started shooting the walkers and thus alerting the herd to the group, Javi and the other fight their way toward the end of the tunnel. The path is blocked by an abandoned train.

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    Javi manages to break the door to a carriage and stays with Clementine and Gabe to block the door as the rest of the group move ahead to clear a path. Javi succeeds in blocking the train door and, as they are about to leave, Conrad appears and points a gun at Clementine. He reveals that he heard their talk and demanded Clementine to reveal her brand. Conrad suggested that they should hold Clementine as captive and bring her to Richmond to negotiate with the New Frontiers.

    Clementine in turn warns them that the New Frontier won't bargain with them. The confrontation turns heated when Conrad grabs Gabe at gunpoint as captive and threatens to kill him if Javi doesn't comply. Agreeing to Conrad's plan: Javi apologizes to Clementine as he turns his gun at her. Clementine either gets furious and berates Javi for his betrayal if you didn't cover for her after Eli was shot in the bar , or just silently glares at him if you did cover for her as Conrad leads her out at gunpoint.

    Gabe also scolds Javi, calling him a coward; Javi defends his action, claiming it is best for Kate Determinant. Shoots Conrad: Javi shoots Conrad in the head, killing him. Clementine urges them to leave and that she will find her own way before leaving. Javi briefly consoles a shocked Gabe before leaving the train and Conrad's corpse behind.

    Rejoining Jesus and Tripp, the latter will either ask why Conrad was holding Clementine at gunpoint or where Conrad was Determinant. Continuing forward, the group find Eleanor's car abandoned. They find Kate still inside the car, but Eleanor nowhere in sight. Kate explains that she went to get help, but never returned. Seeing no other option, Javi carries Kate towards Richmond's entrance. They reach the gate, Javi calling for attention. Max appears, demanding to know why they are there. Javi pleads to let them in to save Kate, complying or refusing Max's demands that they disarm Determinant.

    The gate of Richmond opens as one of the New Frontier's leaders walks out, demanding to know what is going on. Javi realizes the leader is David. The episode starts off when David comes out of Richmond's gates and sees his family, David goes over to Kate and asks "What the hell happened? Javier reveals Kate had gotten shot and Max and his group wouldn't let them in.


    David then soons takes Kate and Gabe to the infirmary, but Javier, Jesus , Tripp , and Conrad Determinant are stopped by Fern , who informs them that all newcomers must be placed in quarantine. Javi can either call out to David, Gabe, or inform both that he'll come see them as soon as he can.

    Eleanor explains that the car engine broke down and, panicked, went to get help and had asked the guards to come in and explained that she had a wounded patient. David soon comes in and asks Javi if he would like to see Kate in the hospital, saying Kate had been asking to see him.